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Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Park & Recreation Board

The mission of the Park and Recreation Board is to enhance the quality of life of Township Residents and foster a sense of community through the following:
  • Preserving and conserving natural resources;
  • The maintaining and developing recreational facilities, and
  • Providing recreational, social, cultural and educational programs and opportunities for people of all ages.
The purpose of the Park and Recreation Board shall be to serve in an advisory capacity to the Supervisors.  The Board shall assist and advise the Supervisors in the following areas:
  • Identifying the recreation and park needs of the Township.
  • Recommending recreational programs for approval by the Supervisors.
  • Recommending plans, programs, and policies regarding the provision of the recreation and park services.
  • Advising the Supervisors in the acquisition and development of parklands.
  • Undertaking recreation and park tasks as requested by the Supervisors. 

Monthly Meeting Schedule
  • Second Wednesday of Every Month at 7:30 p.m.
  • Open to the Public
Committee Members
  • Angelo Grasso
  • Al Quasti
  • Linda Brooks
  • Scott Fontaine
  • Kim Greene
  • Mary Beth Meehan
  • Scott Schultz


Board of Supervisors and Staff Representatives

  • Matthew W. Quigg, Board Liaison
  • Kevin Costello, Director of Public Works
  • Floyd Shaffer, Community and Recreation Center Director
  • Derek Muller, Recreation and Community Center Supervisor

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