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Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Business Development Partnership (BDP)

The Business Development Partnership (BDP) is a committee comprised of Montgomery Township business managers and owners. The purpose of the BDP is to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors of Montgomery Township and the Township Staff regarding business development and programs.  In this capacity, the Committee would regularly report to and advise the Supervisors regarding the planning, organization and results of community business activity. 
Monthly Meeting Schedule
  • Third Tuesday of Every Month, 12:30PM
  • Open to the Public

Committee Members

  • Jim Brusilovsky
  • Bob Cole
  • Gwen Karpf
  • Mary Griffith-Alfarano
  • Jay Haenn
  • Tony Lizell
  • Lisa Martin
  • Larry Mastroieni
  • Allan Nappen
  • J.P. Northop
  • Troy Tradewell

Board of Supervisors and Staff Representatives

  • Candyce Fluehr Chimera, Board Liaison
  • Bruce Shoupe, Planning Director
  • Stacy Crandell, Assistant to the Township Manager

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