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Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Fire Marshal

Mission Statement

The Fire Marshal's Office is committed to providing an effective and reasonable customer service response to the businesses within our Township while providing a public education and fire code enforcement program to ensure the life safety of the citizenry we are obligated to protect.

Management of the Office of the Fire Marshal

The Director/Chief Fire Marshal possesses the authority to sign off on all major areas of responsibility and their attendant issues. All Fire Marshals under the immediate supervision of the Director will perform the physical activities necessary to accomplish and fulfill the responsibilities.

The Director and/or Assistant Fire Marshal will follow up on all violations that result from the inspections.

The Director and/or Assistant Fire Marshal conducts plan reviews and preliminary site recognizance.


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Bill Wiegman,
Director of Fire Services
  • Phone: (215) 393-6936
  • Fax: (215) 699-1560
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