Fire Prevention Program

During the nationally recognized Fire Prevention Week held annually in October, the Montgomery Township Department of Fire Services conducts several activities throughout the community to promote 'Fire Safety and Education'. The department schedules activities the entire month of October at all township schools, day care facilities, health care facilities and hotels.
At each site visit the department performs a Life Safety Fire Inspection that ensures that all the facilities meet fire code standards. While on location the Firefighters conduct fire evacuation drills, fire prevention demonstrations and have fire apparatus displays. Also, the department offers staff training to all employees if desired.
In 2010, our fire prevention program trained 63 staff members, safely evacuated 2,945 students during fire drills, spoke to 717 about fire safety and displayed fire apparatus and equipment to 408 students.
The Montgomery Township Department of Fire Services is committed to fire safety and prevention year around and strives to keep our residents fire safe.
If you have any questions, please contact the Fire Marshal's office at 215-393-6936.