Knox Box Program

The Knox Box is located outside of all area businesses and holds an emergency key to the building. Only the Fire Department can open the Knox Box to allow Firefighters access to the building during an emergency. The Knox Box Program is coordinated in the following manner; on new construction and/or major renovations, the Knox Box application will be obtained and submitted through the Montgomery Township Department of Planning and Zoning at 215-393-6920. When the Knox Box is received by the applicant, please contact the Fire Department at 215-393-6936 to obtain mounting location and instructions.
Any business who has changed locks to their building should contact the Fire Department to ensure that the proper keys are in the Knox Box. If the lock cylinder on an existing business Knox Box has not been changed since 2005, please contact the Fire Department at 215- 393-6936

The Knox Box Program was instituted to help minimize property damage to business properties during an emergency while also helping business owners in maintaining a secure facility.