FEBRUARY 12, 2024
7:00 P.M.

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Public Comment

4. Consent Agenda:
          - Minutes of January 22, 2024 Meeting
          - Payment of Bills for February 12, 2024
          - Escrow Release #4 - Higher Rock Residential Development
          - Escrow Release #8 and Start of Maintenance - Firefox Phase 2 (Northern Village)

Public Safety:

5. Authorization to Purchase Portable Speed Trailer

6. Authorization to Purchase Replacement Generator for Battalion 1 Firehouse

7. Acceptance of Office State Fire Commissioner Grant for DFS & FDMT

8. Authorization for FDMT 2024 Fundraising Activities

Public Works:

9. Authorization to Advertise Bid for the 2024 Curb and Curb Ramp Project

10. Authorization to Advertise Bid for 2024 Road Projects

11. Authorization to Advertise Bid for Milling and Paving Fire Department Battalion 1

12. Authorization to Advertise Bid for the Stormwater lmprovement Project at Bedford Basin

13. Authorization to Advertise Bid for the Lawncare Treatment at Township - Owned Parks and Buildings

14. Authorize the Purchase of the Replacement of the Street Sweeper

Administration and Finance:

15. Resolution Supporting the Formation of a Consortium for the Wissahickon Clean Water Partnership

16. Recognition of Government Communicators Day - February 24, 2024

17. Resolution Supporting the Submission of a Grant Application for the Montco 2040 Program

Old Business:

New Business:

18. Adjournment

Associated Documents