American Red Cross Lifesaving Awards

Lifesaving Award Recipients 2023

During the public Board of Supervisors Meeting on August 14, 2023, American Red Cross  joined us to present Lifesaving Awards to staff members who acted swiftly to save a life on March 16th at the Montgomery Township Community and Recreation Center following a cardiac event.
Join us in honoring these incredible individuals:
👏John Ardif, Horsham EMS
👏Captain Andrew Backlund, Department of Fire Services
👏Officer Peter Byrne, Montgomery Township Police Department
👏Angelina Capozzi, Montgomery Township Community & Recreation Center
👏Amanda Csanady, Horsham EMS
👏Firefighter Eoghan Lowry, Department of Fire Services
👏 Firefighter Harry Reese, Department of Fire Services
👏Firefighter Anthony Rubas, Department of Fire Services
👏John Schwartz, Horsham EMS
👏TJ Stressman, Horsham EMS
👏Firefighter Jake Weltman, Department of Fire Services
Their prompt actions and cooperation resulted in a full recovery for the patient. We're proud to have such dedicated and skilled individuals serving our community!