Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Young Lungs at Play

The Montgomery Township Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance which amends the Township’s “No Smoking” policy in Township parks during the public meeting on Monday, July 27. The updated section titled “Tobacco/Nicotine Free Areas” prohibits the use of any tobacco/nicotine product, (regardless of how the tobacco and/or nicotine is delivered). This includes cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, snuff, and any electronic device that delivers tobacco and/or nicotine to the person using the device.

The project goal is to promote healthy areas for physical activity, prevent second-hand smoke exposure, and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle for the community.

The Council of Southeast Pennsylvania has recently supplied the Township with free “Young Lungs at Play” signs, and residents can now find these signs at all 14 of our park locations.

"Our parks are being used more than ever. This increased use prompted the board to act to ensure that these recreational spaces are as safe and healthy as possible for our community," said Chairwoman of the Board of Supervisors, Tanya Bamford.

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