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07-13-2020 - Board of Supervisors Agenda

JULY 13,2020


1. Call to Order by Chairman
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Public Comment
4. Announcements
5. Announcement of Executive Session
6. Consider Approval of Minutes of June 22,2020 Meeting
7. lntroduce and Welcome New Township Employee, Andrew Backlund
8. Consider Recognition of Appointment of Police Officers, Johnny Saada & Anne Marie Dobson
9. Consider Appointment of Township Traffic Engineer
10. Consider 2020 Upset Sale Exception Policy Response to COVID-19
11. Consider Ratification of ARLE Grant Application - Emergency Vehicle Preemption
12. Consider Resolution for Horsham & Pheasant Run Road Signal Upgrade Application
13. Consider Approval of Final Payment to GoreCon lnc. for Cutler Developments Landscaping
Project and Acceptance of the Commencement of the Maintenance Period
14. Consider Preparation and Authorization of Advertisement: Young Lungs at Play Ordinance
15. Consider Approval of Montgomeryville Nissan Escrow Release No. 3
16. Consider Approval of Higher Rock (Phase 2) Escrow Release No. 10
17. Consider Authorization for Advertisement of Public Hearing - Costco Gasoline Sales
18. Consider Appointment of Berkheimer Associates as Business Privilege/Mercantile &
Amusement Tax Collector
19. Consider Payment of Bills
20. Other Business
21. Adjournment

PLEASE NOTE: For the safety of all participants, masks are required to be worn in the Township building
and meeting room. Social distancing measures have been put into place which reduces the number of
people who can safely occupy the meeting room. You may be asked to wait in the lobby if the room
capacity has been reached. Thank you for your patience and cooperation in working to keep everyone

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