Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Construction Operations Guidance and COVID-19

On April 23, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf announced that construction may resume on May 1, and issued guidance surrounding the resumption of in-person Construction Industry operations. 

For Home Residential Projects the following safety requirements safety shall be adhered to:

  • All business and employees in the construction industry must adhere to the Secretary of Health's order providing for business safety measures, which requires that every person present at a worksite wear masks/face coverings.
  • All projects must maintain proper social distancing, minimum 6 feet between workers unless the safety of the public or workers require deviation (e.g. drywalling, team lifting) and provide hand washing and sanitizing stations at appropriate locations for workers, as well as cleaning and sanitizing protocols for high-risk transmission areas.  Limit tool sharing and sanitize tools if they must be shared.
  • Residential construction projects may not permit more than four individuals on the job site at any time, not including individuals who require temporary access to the site and are not directly engaged in the construction activity.


Home Inspections

During scheduled inspections, if the inspector does not feel that proper adherence to these safety requirements are being met, he or she will notify the homeowner/contractor that the inspection is cancelled and to call the office to schedule another inspection time.  Violation of these requirements may also be reported to the State. If you are planning to begin construction on your home, please visit the Township's website or call 215-393-6920 to learn what you may need a permit for in your home.