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Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Specialty Units

Canine Unit

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The Montgomery Township Police Department’s Canine Unit consists of three canine teams, with a fourth canine team in training. The canine teams work shifts with the highest call volume. Each canine team works in conjunction with a uniform patrol squad. Each team is trained in the apprehension of suspects as well as searching for evidence, property, and missing persons. The teams are also cross-trained in drug detection and have become an invaluable tool in drug interdiction and drug related arrests. In addition to normal police duties, these teams provide live demonstrations and public appearances to various civic groups and other functions. Each team is certified by the United States Police Canine Association in police canine patrol and narcotic detection.


Highway Safety Unit

highway safety

The Highway Safety Unit is responsible for investigation of all serious traffic crashes, traffic studies, and citizen traffic complaints. Officers are scheduled during periods of peak traffic volume since these time periods are when the majority of traffic crashes occur. 

The Montgomery Township Police Department is also a member of the Montgomery/Bucks County Motor Carrier Enforcement Team. The goal of the Team is to improve traffic safety as it relates to commercial vehicles through commercial vehicle regulation enforcement and education.

The Montgomery Township Police Department continues to be the coordinating department in the Montgomery Township Regional DUI Enforcement Team, a federally funded initiative to reduce impaired driving offenses in our community through Roving DUI Enforcement Patrol and Sobriety Checkpoint details. Police departments currently participating with Montgomery Township on the team include Hilltown, New Britain and Warrington Townships in Bucks County, and Horsham Township in Montgomery County.


Central Montgomery County SWAT Team


The Central Montgomery Special Weapons and Tactics (CMSWAT) team is a multi-jurisdiction tactical team which consists of officers from 14 Montgomery County Police Departments in central Montgomery County, including Montgomery Township.

The team is staffed, trained and equipped to respond to high risk situations involving armed individuals that are beyond the capabilities of traditional law enforcement.  CMSWAT is available for response 24/7, 365 days a year.  The team has three specialty groups consisting of entry operators, snipers and negotiators. Montgomery Township Police Department has three patrol officers assigned to CMSWAT.  These officers maintained their regular duties for patrol as well as their collateral duties with the CMSWAT team.


Bicycle Patrol Unit

bike patrol

The Montgomery Township Police Department Police Bicycle Patrol Unit consists of four patrol officers utilized to enhance the Police Department's Community Policing/Problem Solving efforts within Montgomery Township's residential, business, and industrial areas, Township Parks and open space areas.  Bicycle Patrol officers are assigned to specific areas for incidents that have a need for a highly mobile non-traditional police response. Officers assigned to the Unit maintained their regular duties for patrol as well as their collateral duties with the Bicycle Patrol Unit.


Montgomery County Major Incident Response Team


The Montgomery County Major Incident Response Team (MIRT) is multi-jurisdictional team of officers from Montgomery County Police Departments that are trained and equipped to be activated and deployed in support of a law enforcement agency when the available resources of that agency are insufficient to address either a preplanned or an unplanned emergency situation. MIRT is deployed for large incidents requiring crowd control, perimeter security during dignitary visits to our area, and other incidents when the resources of the requesting department are not sufficient to cope with the emergency situation. Currently, the Montgomery Township Police Department has three officers assigned to MIRT. These officers maintained their regular duties for patrol as well as their collateral duties with MIRT.









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