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Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Township Roads vs. State Roads

The Public Works Department is responsible for all road maintenance to township roads, parks, basins/drainage, traffic/street lights, vehicles and all township owned buildings. They are also responsible for the snow removal and deicing of township roads.

Township Roads vs. PennDOT Roads:

The following is a list of roads that are state roads and are maintained by PennDOT:

  • County Line Road
  • 202 Parkway
  • Doylestown Road
  • Dekalb Pike
  • Upper State Road
  • Kenas Road
  • Route 463
  • Hartman Road
  • Taylor Road
  • Route 309
  • Lansdale Avenue
  • Route 63

Note: North Wales Road from Route 309 and south is a county road and is maintained by Montgomery County Roads & Bridges.

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