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Anonymous Tip Line

NOTICE: The Anonymous Tip Line is not a monitored phone line or email account and should not be used for instances requiring immediate police assistance. Dial 911 in the event of an emergency or to speak with an officer immediately.

The Montgomery Township Police Department provides an anonymous tip line as an alternative means by which individuals can relay valuable information in an anonymous manner. The Department's goal in providing this service is to obtain information on criminal activity that is unattainable through conventional methods and to assist the department in investigating criminal activity that might otherwise go unreported.

This anonymous tip line has been created to receive information from those individuals who are reluctant to become involved in reporting criminal activity but realize that an injustice has occurred. Callers are encouraged to leave their names and phone numbers but may choose to leave information anonymously. Whenever someone contacts the Montgomery Township Police Department with information concerning criminal activity, we attempt to protect their identity to the extent that the law allows.

Telephone calls and emails are received electronically. Department personnel check the answering machine and emails periodically and distribute the information received according to established procedures. In some instances criminal investigations may be initiated from this information.

As with any police department telephone line and email, there are criminal penalties for reporting false information or using the phone/computer in a harassing manner. Effective security and the protection of people and property is everybody's responsibility. Take the first step in helping us make our community safer by utilizing the anonymous tip line when you have personal knowledge of criminal activity.

Anonymous Tip Line Phone Number: (215) 393-6714

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