About This Location

Whistlestop Park has appealing facilities and a wide variety of recreation options in beautiful surroundings. A nearby train station gave this park its name.

Facility Map


Acreage 13
Baseball Field 2
Basketball Un-fenced full-sized court with 4 nets, bleachers
Benches 1 near gazebo, 3 outside hockey court, 1 in main playground, 2 near swings
Gazebo Near tennis courts
Parking 82 spots with 5 handicap spots
Picnic Table 1 near gazebo, 3 in playground area (2 grouped together)
Playground Canvas tent covering and wood chip ground
3 slides, bridge, 4 swings, 4 baby swings
Toddle play set near gazebo
Port-a-Potty 2 near parking lot
Recycle Bin 1 near basketball and hockey
Soccer Field 1
Hockey 1 fenced street hockey court with 2 nets
Trashcan 3 in parking lot, 2 near basketball and hockey, 1 near gazebo, 1 in main playground, 1 near baseball field, 1 near softball field
Water Fountain Near hockey court
Lights Near hockey and basketball
Surrounding softball field
Near tennis court

Whistlestop Park is undergoing exciting updates! Click here for more information.

Physical Address
Whistlestop Park
88 County Line Rd
Chalfont, PA 18914
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