About This Location

This park is a fenced-in, off-leash area designed for dogs to run and play! Here dog owners can gather, greet old dog friends, and make new ones. About This Location


Located Bell Run Plaza, behind Santander Bank

General Information 

Bark Park (located at the South end of Bell Run Plaza on Welsh Road)
One acre fenced in dog park. Dogs encouraged to run off-leash, seating for owners.



5 in large section, 3 in small section
Doggie Bag Dispenser
2 in large section
Fenced No-Leash Area
2 separate sections, mulch covered
Fire Hydrant
2 in back of large section
Information Kiosk
At entrance
Picnic Table
2 in large section, 1 in small section
Various throughout park
2 in large section, 2 in small
Water Bowls
6 in large section, 1 in small

Physical Address
Bark Park
1228 Welsh Rd
North Wales, PA 19454
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