The Public Information Office 

The Montgomery Township Public Information Office operates with one very important goal in mind-

Keep the Township and community close and connected to provide the best place to live, work, and play.
How is this achieved? It’s simple- daily engagement.

Kelsey Whalen, Public Information Coordinator, engages with the community on Township news, events, and services through social media, newsletters, guides, the Township website, ReadyMontco, cable channel, community events, and more.

While Kelsey is always happy to answer your information inquiries on social media, email, and website, she also welcomes you to come on over to the Township Building for conversation. Whether you have a question on an upcoming event, or just need assistance setting up your ReadyMontco account, Kelsey is happy to help. You are welcome to contact her directly by calling 215-393-6922 or emailing

Click here to learn more about the Public Information Office and the available communication channels.

Special Experiences in Montgomery Township 

From our annual Autumn Festival event to our Local Government Week field trip program, we are confident that you will enjoy many of our offerings.  Of course, many of our programs are located within our state-of-the-art Community & Recreation Center, which opened in 2015. Here you will not only find group exercises classes and a fitness facility, but also free family events like Coffee with a COP, hosted by our Police Department.

The Montgomery Township Police Department is one of seven departments in the County who have a Community Policing Liaison. Officer Rob Johnson is a beloved officer and member of the community who has taken on this role. He sits on various boards and committees and works closely with the Public Information Office to educate residents on public safety. He can be seen giving public seminars on scams, training local businesses on safe practices, or reading to children at the local YMCA. One of the most popular events Officer Rob Johnson hosts is Coffee with a COP. Learn more about this event and all department events and services by clicking here.

Make sure to mark your calendar with all of Montgomery Township’s community events!