Truss Placard Program

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The Truss Placard is used to identify buildings within the township that contain roof, floor, or a combination of roof and floor truss construction. The purpose is to allow Firefighters to rapidly identify such buildings in order to initiate the appropriate actions to ensure Firefighter safety during any emergency operations. Truss Placards are placed on the exterior of the building at highly visible, critical locations as determined by the Fire Marshal's Office.
The Truss Placard Program is coordinated in the following manner; on new construction and/or major renovations, the Truss Placard application will be obtained and submitted through the Montgomery Township Department of Planning and Zoning at 215-393-6920. When the Truss Placard is received by the applicant, please contact the Fire Department at (215) 393-6936 in regards to instructions and the mounting location.
The Fire Department perpetuates the Truss Placard Program on existing buildings during the annual township wide Life Safety Inspection Program. If it is determined during the inspection process that Truss Placards are required for the building, the Truss Placards can be obtained by the business through the Montgomery Township Department of Planning and Zoning.