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01-26-2015 - Board of Supervisors Agenda

January 26, 2015


1. Call to Order by Chairman

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Public Comment

4. Announcement of Executive Session

5. Consider Approval of Minutes of January 5, 2015 Meeting

6. Consider Appointment to Fill Township Auditor Vacancies

7. Consider Appointment to Township Boards and Commissions

8. Acknowledge Resignation of Board/Commission Member

9. Acknowledge Resignation of Township Employee- Detective James J. Reape

10. Consider Appointment of FDMT Fire Police Officer

11 . Consider Authorization to Purchase Police Canines and Approve Out of State Training

12. Consider Request for Installation of "Hearing Impaired Child" Signs on Canterbury Lane

13. Consider Adoption of Proposed Ordinance #15-287 - Local Discharge Limits - Hatfield
Municipal Authority Sewer System

14. Consider Authorization to Resubmit RACP Business Plan for Grant - Community Recreation

15. Consider Bids for the Montgomery Township Community Center Playground and
Sprayground Project

16. Consider Authorization to Advertise for Bids for 2015 Curb & Sidewalk Project

17. Consider Authorization to Advertise for Bids for Annual Public Works Equipment Rental,
Materials and Services

18. Consider Authorization to Purchase Recreation and Community Center Wireless System

19. Consider Authorization to Purchase Recreation and Community Center Access Control and
Security Cameras

20. Consider Approval of Fourth Quarter 2014 Budget Amendments

21. Consider Acceptance of Fourth Quarter 2014 Budget Report and Approval of Fund Balance

22. Authorize Appointment of Finance Director as Trustee for Delaware Valley Health Trust

23. Consider Approval of PADEP Sewage Facilities Planning Module- Montgomery Mall

24. Public Hearing- Proposed Ordinance #14-284Z- Text Amendment- R3B Age Qualified
Residential Zoning District

25. Consider Authorization to Advertise Proposed Ordinance #15-288 -Amending Chapter 82 -
Contractors, Section 7,B -Insurance

26. Consider Authorization to Advertise - Public Hearing - Conditional Use Application # C-63-
15- Wilkinson Five Point Limited Partnership - BJs Gas Fueling Facility- 5-Points Plaza

27. Consider Authorization of Escrow Releases
a. Release #2 - LOS #653-2A - Montgomery Preserve
b. Release #3- LOS #630 -Fire Fox Phase 1
c. Release #1- LOS #639 -Maple Dr. & Crystal Road

28. Consider Payment of Bills

29. Other Business

30. Adjournment


Future Public Hearings/Meetings:
01-27-2015 @7:00p.m.- Environmental Advisory Committee
02-03-2015 @7:30p.m.-Zoning Hearing Board
02-09-2015 @)8:00p.m. - Board of Supervisors Meeting

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