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09-29-2014 - Board of Supervisors Agenda

September 29, 2014


1. Call to Order by Chairman

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Public Comment

4. Announcement of Executive Session

5. Consider Approval of Minutes of the September 8, 2014 Meeting

6. Acknowledge Donation from Starbucks to Police Canine Unit

7. Recognition of Montgomery, Wales Proclamation of the Township's 3001h Anniversary

8. Acknowledge 2014 Community Day Workers and Volunteers

9. PECO Presentation for the 3001h Anniversary of the Township

10. Announce Date of Fa112014 Curbside Leaf Collection

11. Consider Resolution to Recognize Fire Prevention Week

12. Consider Request for Approval of DFS & FDMT 2014-2015 PA Fire Commissioner's Grant

13. Consider Resolution to Acknowledge the Fire Department Awards:

a. 2013 Life Safety Achievement Award
b. Office of the State Fire Commissioner Participating Department Award

14. Consider Authorization for Repair of the Fire Department's Ladder 18 Transmission

15. Consider Approval of 2014/2015 DUI Grant Application

16. Consider Authorization to Advertise 2014 Budget Workshop Meetings

17. Consider Approval of Agreements with North Wales Water Authority- Water Line
Installation- Recreation Community Center Project

18. Consider Approval of Health Benefits Continuation for Family of Employee on Military Leave
of Absence

19. Consider Authorization to Advertise for Bids for Winter Drive Twin Pipe Replacement Project

20.Consider Approval of the 2014 Extra Curb and Sidewalk Concrete Work

21.Consider Approval to Purchase Capital Item- Pavilion for Whistlestop Park

22. Consider Construction Escrow Releases:

a. Escrow Release #7 - Montgomery Walk Phase I - LDS # 627
b. Escrow Release #3- Maple Brook Estates- LDS # 6640HB
c. Escrow Release #7 - Montgomery Preserve Phase 1 - LDS # 653A
d. Escrow Release #4- Montgomery Walk- Phase liB- LDS #627R-B

23. Consider Authorization to Advertise Public Hearing- Proposed Zoning Text AmendmentR3B
Age Qualified Residential Zoning District

24. Consider Authorization to Advertise Public Hearing- Proposed Zoning Text AmendmentBP
- Business Professional Business Zoning District

25. Consider Payment of Bills

26. Other Business

27. Adjournment


Future Public Hearings/Meetings:
10-06-2014 @7:00pm- 30Q1h Committee
10-07-2014 @7:30pm- Open Space Committee
10-07-2014 @7:30pm- Zoning Hearing Board
10-08-2014 @7:30pm- Park and Recreation Board


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