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07-14-2014 - Board of Supervisors Agenda

July 14, 2014


1. Call to Order by Chairman

2. Pledge of Allegiance

3. Public Comment

4. Consider Approval of Minutes of the June 23, 2014 Meeting

5. Auditor Presentation of 2013 Audit Results

6. Consider Appointment of Pension Fund Advisory Committee Member

7. Consider Agreement with Constellation New Energy to Supply Electric Energy

8. Consider Approval of Policy- "Montgomery Township Procedures for Compliance with the
   Professional Services Contract Provision of Act 44 of 2009"

9. Consider Adoption of Proposed Ordinance #14-280 -Amending Local Discharge Limits -
    Ambler Borough Wastewater Treatment Plant

10. Consider Approval of Proposal for Engineering Design Services - Community Center
     Playground and Spray Park

11. Consider Proposal for Development of Korean War Memorial at Memorial Grove Park

12. Consider Approval of Purchase of Portable Radios for the Department of Fire Services

13. Consider Resolution in Support of State Legislation to Authorize the Use of Radar by
     Municipal Police Departments

14. Consider Payment of Bills

15. Other Business

16. Adjournment

Future Public Hearings/Meetings:
07-15-2014 @12:30pm- Business Development Partnership
07-16-2014 @6:00pm- Sewer Authority @Eureka Plant
07-16-2014 @7:30pm- Shade Tree Commission
07-16-2014 @7:30pm- Public Safety Committee
07-16-2014 @7:30pm- Park and Recreation Board
07-17-2014 @7:30pm- Planning Commission
07-21-2014 @7:30pm- Finance Committee
07-22-2014 @7:00pm- Environmental Advisory Committee
07-28-2014 @8:00pm- Board of Supervisors

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