Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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Comprehensive Plan Updates

Public meetings regarding our current Comprehensive Planning Process will be held on the first Thursday of every month in-person at the Montgomery Township Administration Building at 7:30pm. 

October 11, 2021

On Thursday, October 7th, the Montgomery Township Planning Commission held its monthly meeting to review and discuss the Township Comprehensive Plan update. All meetings are open to the public and two residents were in attendance to gather information on the project’s progress. The meeting’s focus was to review the results of the Public Visioning Session which was held on September 9th and begin developing the goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan.  

The planning consultant presented a general summary of the Public Visioning Session. Although resident turn out at this event was not huge (approximately 20 participants), the information and opinions gathered from the group was invaluable to the project. Things people liked about Montgomery Township and wanted to see preserved into the future included: the diversity of land uses within the Township, the availability of open space and recreational facilities, and the Township’s proximity to other areas of interest (i.e., Philadelphia and other communities). Items of concern for residents that participated in the session included: the Township’s aging infrastructure and the problems created from it, traffic congestion, and the future of the Montgomery Mall. Results from this public meeting were consistent with a lot of the responses received from the resident survey.

Moving forward the Comprehensive Plan needs to establish some general goals and objectives which will eventually form the basis for the Comprehensive Plan action items. The goals and objectives relate to the major components of the Plan – land use, housing, economic development, community facilities, transportation and infrastructure, and natural resources. The Planning Commission was tasked with reviewing the draft goals and objectives prepared by the planning consultant and provide feedback within two weeks.

November 8, 2021

At the Comprehensive Plan Planning Commission meeting held on November 5, 2021 the group finalized the overall goals and objectives of the Comprehensive Plan. This will serve as the foundation on which the remainder of the Plan will be built including the Action Plan, which will provide specific implementation items for the Township to undertake in order to accomplish the recommended goals and objectives.

Members of the public that were in attendance were given the opportunity to offer comment. Comments from the public included a need for designated bicycle lanes along Knapp Road between Route 202 and Knapp Elementary School and the encouragement and promotion of alternative energy resource use in the Township.

The next step in the process is the preparation of a future land use map and narrative.

December 6, 2021

The Montgomery Township Planning Commission met on Thursday, December 2nd to review the future land use map and narrative for the draft Comprehensive Plan. The future land use map is an important component of the Comprehensive Plan as it is the primary guide for future development within the Township. The map and its land use designations describe the desired types, intensity and spatial arrangement of the Township’s land uses. The future land use map differs from the official Township Zoning Map in that the future land use map is a policy guide and is not legally binding. The group specifically discussed those properties which were included as part of the initial Township tour and are primed for development and/or redevelopment. Apart from a few minor revisions regarding Township-owned parcels, the Planning Commission members were in agreement on the future land use designations.

The next meeting of the Planning Commission to review and discuss the Comprehensive Plan will occur on February 3, 2022. It is anticipated that several sections of the draft Plan will be prepared for this meeting including a housing plan, transportation plan, and community facilities plan.

February 9, 2022

The Montgomery Township Planning Commission convened a meeting on Thursday, February 3rd to continue discussion of the Comprehensive Plan update. The group reviewed and discussed the remaining plan elements as required by the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code – housing, economic development, community facilities, transportation, and historic and natural resources protection. Each element included some general implementation strategies and recommendations which will be broken down into even greater detail in the action plan.

In attendance at this meeting was a representative from SEPTA and a representative from the Partnership TMA of Montgomery County. The group had an informative discourse regarding transportation issues within the Township, specifically dealing with public transportation and other alternative modes of transportation. While the Comprehensive Plan will include action items relative to improving transportation and mobility within Montgomery Township, it was agreed that these issues begin at the land development stage and as projects come forward the Township must make an effort to consider and require, where feasible, public transportation opportunities. The Township has been making great strides in improving pedestrian mobility and connectivity. Public transportation is the next step.

March 4, 2022

At the March 3, 2022 Planning Commission meeting the group reviewed the final component of the Comprehensive Plan – the draft action plan. The action plan is one of the most crucial elements of the Comprehensive Plan because it provides a “checklist” of implementable strategies for accomplishing the recommended goals and objectives outlined in the Plan. With the action plan being the last major section for review, the Comprehensive Plan process is coming to an end. The consultant reviewed with the Planning Commission the next steps in the process. A draft of the full Comprehensive Plan will be prepared in a finalized report format and submitted to the Planning Commission for review and comment.  For the April Planning Commission meeting the draft will be presented and the Planning Commission will be asked to make a recommendation that it be sent on to the Board of Supervisors for authorization to advertise the document for public review. Once advertised, there will be a 45-day review period followed by a public hearing. After the public hearing the Board of Supervisors will officially take action on the Comprehensive Plan.

April 7, 2022

At the Thursday, April 7th Planning Commission meeting the group were presented with a final draft of the full 2022 Comprehensive Plan. Members of the Planning Commission and Township staff had several revisions to the draft presented. The consultant will update the draft to incorporate these changes and resubmit the final draft to the Planning Commission. At the May Planning Commission meeting, a recommendation will be made to send the 2022 Comprehensive Plan to the Board of Supervisors to authorize advertisement of the public comment period. The Plan will be sent out for review by the County, neighboring municipalities and the local school district. Additionally, the Plan will be made available for review by the public.

June 17, 2022

At the June 16, 2022, Planning Commission meeting, the group was presented with a revised final draft of the Montgomery Township Comprehensive Plan Update 2022. After some discussion regarding the next steps in the adoption process, the Planning Commission made a recommendation to move the Plan onto the Board of Supervisors. The Board of Supervisors will then authorize advertisement of the draft Comprehensive Plan for review by the public, the County Planning Commission, adjacent municipalities, and the school district. After the 45-day review period, the Board of Supervisors will host a public hearing for the official adoption of the Comprehensive Plan.