Montgomery Township, Pennsylvania

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New Grant Opportunity for Small Business Owners

State Senator Maria Collett's Office has notified the Township of two new state grant programs, funded by federal CARES Act money and administered by DCED through the PA CDFI Network. Both grants are scheduled to open on Tuesday, June 30.  

The Historically Disadvantaged Business Revitalization Grant Program ($100M) is for small businesses (with 25 or less employees) that experienced loss as a result of COVID business closure orders, have or will incur costs to adapt to new business operations and in which persons in a historically disadvantaged group own at least a 51% interest and also control day-to-day management and operations. Historically Disadvantaged is defined using the US Treasury’s definition as: "African - Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Pacific Americans, Native Americans and Subcontinent Asian Americans.” For our district, it may be helpful to note that Subcontinent Asian Americans include persons with origins from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, the Maldives or Nepal.

The Main Street Business Revitalization Program ($100M) is for all otherwise qualifying small businesses that do not fall within the definition of Historically Disadvantaged.

Customer-facing businesses, such as barbers, hair salons, retailers, restaurants, day cares, gyms, food and hospitality establishments, and health and wellness businesses, women-owned businesses, and businesses on “Main streets” and commercial corridors are especially encouraged to apply.

We encourage business owners to sign-up for updates on the application portal by following this link:

In the meantime, businesses should begin preparing by doing the following:

  • Begin collecting and scanning necessary documents: 2018 or 2019 tax returns; Interim financials through March if the business opened in 2020
  • Entity documents (Any of the following: Articles of Incorporation; Schedule C; DBA; PA License to Do Business)
  • Sales/Revenue totals for March 1-May 31 2019 and March 1-May 31 2020 (totals only, no back-up needed)
  • Letter describing how your business was impacted
  • Letter describing how your business will use the funds (can be general, does not need to be itemized)
  • Photo ID

 A few other application considerations to note:

  • Other relief funds received must be disclosed but are not disqualifying
  • Certain criminal records (financial crimes, sex crimes, recent crimes) and ongoing criminal cases against you may be disqualifying
  • Applicants will be given the opportunity to choose among a number of different CDFIs. Unless the applicant has an existing relationship with a CDFI, we have been assured that this choice will have no bearing on the applications. A single application will be used and reviewed by the network. If the chosen CDFI is capped out, a round robin will essentially take place and shift the next applicant to another CDFI.

Questions regarding this announcement can be directed to State Senator Maria Collett's office at (215) 368-1429.