Police Department Personnel

Chief of Police
Chief J. Scott Bendig

Lieutenant William Peoples
Lieutenant Gerald Dougherty

Detective Sergeant Joseph Bennis
Detective Michael Solis
Detective John McGready
Det. Todd Walter
Det. Ricardo DeJesus

Highway Safety

Officer David Dunlap
Officer Taylor Jones
Officer Michael Jenkins
Officer Peter Byrne
Officer Joseph Schott

Community Policing Officer
Officer Robert Johnson

Communications Staff
Dispatch Supervisor Jo Marie Pearson
Dispatcher Melissa Demchik
Dispatcher Carlos Cartagena
Dispatcher Eric Bittell
Dispatcher Adrianna Ciliberto
Dispatcher Lauren Hill

Administrative Staff

Sonia Jackson
Nicole Conicelli

Staff Services
Jeffrey Sarnocinski

Sergeant Daniel Mitchell
Sergeant Robert Hart
Sergeant Glenn Davis 
Sergeant Andrew Benner
Officer James Matlack
Officer J. Andrew Dalton
Officer Brian Gerrard
Officer Jeffrey DePolo
Officer Joseph McGuigan
Officer Daniel Rose
Officer Brian Schreiber
Officer Adam Deussing
Officer Lee Wagner
Officer Thomas Ward
Officer Jason English
Officer Timothy Woch
Officer Jacob Beebe
Officer John Rushin
Officer Craig Scully
Officer Matthew Seydel
Officer Anthony Long

Canine Cody
Canine Cooper
Canine Major

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